What Is Facebook Video Premieres? (And How Do You Use It?)

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Have you wanted to post a Facebook Live video, but aren’t so eager about jumping in front of the screen live? Now, Facebook offers a solution that allows you to upload a prerecorded video that appears as a live post to your followers — Facebook Video Premiers.

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What is Facebook Premieres?

Premieres lets you schedule prerecorded videos that get broadcast as a live video on Facebook.

This option allows the publisher to be inactive on Facebook as the video plays. Facebook Premieres offers all the same benefits as posting a live video, such as interaction from viewers during the showing and the ability to share the video in real-time.

This feature also allows the publisher to have a countdown to the premiere that sends out notifications to fans before the posting. These notifications build the excitement in advance of the showing, which can add substantial value to your business’ social media strategy.

How do Facebook Premieres help businesses?

Whether you’re looking to build excitement for your new product launch, video series, or upcoming seasonal sales, Facebook Premiers can help your business drive revenue, views, website traffic, and more.

Learn more about the top 10 benefits of Facebook Video Premieres:

1.       Builds excitement

The Facebook Premieres feature lets you, as the publisher, schedule a video posting that notifies subscribers before the video’s premiere or launch. This ability can build excitement and brand awareness, as users share the notification with friends and family.

A live video via Facebook Video Premiers offers more than excitement. The ability to know in advance of a new posting creates a suspense factor for followers that want to be ahead of the game and in-touch with your brand.

2.       Promotes loyalty

Subscribers get notifications about upcoming video launches that others don’t see.

The most active users on a business page receive a Top Fan badge

This feature gives an added benefit to your most loyal customers and followers. Facebook also offers a Top Fan feature that awards badges to the most active users on a page. Your fans get rewarded for commenting and sharing your videos.

The result? Happier customers and more traffic coming to your page.

3.       Saves time

The time-saving benefit of Facebook Video Premieres to publishers is immeasurable.

Instead of setting aside time in prime time to be live on Facebook, you have the option to upload your video ahead of time, which gives you the chance to generate buzz and anticipation from users. You can also use that additional time to make it convenient for users to set aside time for watching your video.

For your company, this feature saves a substantial amount of time. It also allows your team to create and edit an excellent video. With a better video to premiere, you can make a positive impression on users new to your brand.

4.       Drives traffic

What is the purpose of posting a video on Facebook? Most companies want to increase awareness about their brand or business. Facebook Premieres makes it easy for marketers and companies to drive traffic to their pages, thanks to the social sharing features available on Facebook.

A tip for promoting facebook video premieres

Your fans will do the promotion work for you by interacting with the videos and following your other content. Continuing to post exciting content will naturally bring in viewers excited to see what the buzz is about, which can result in more followers and views.

5.       Offers easy setup

Posting a Facebook Premiere Video is as easy as posting a new Facebook post.

  1. Click “Share” photo or video
  2. Click on “Upload Photos/Video”
  3. Choose your video
  4. Select the “Premiere” option
  5. Choose Premiere start time
  6. Schedule Premiere

Now, watch as comments and shares build in anticipation of your big event!

6.       Boosts revenue


This action is the end goal of every action marketers or business owners make.

How can Facebook Premieres increase your bottom line?

They do not cost anything, other than the cost to create your video. Make a Premiere about an upcoming sale and offer viewers an extra discount, for example, if you have an online store. This action can give your business a boost in the revenue column if you have a fan base already in place.

7.       Encourages engagement

Another advantage of being able to choose the time you go “live” is that you’re ready to interact with your followers.

Make sure you're ready to interact with viewers when your video premieres

If you’re a larger company, you can make sure to have staff prepared to answer questions that arise during the video. By doing so, you can encourage interaction with your company and fans, which can build brand loyalty.

Don’t make the mistake of having a video premiere without interacting with your followers.

8.       Increases views

The downfall of a Facebook Live Video is if some of your fans are busy or are not logged on at the time of the video, then they miss out on the action. They can see it later, but the experience isn’t as exciting, and they will likely forget to watch the video anyway.

Using Facebook Premieres, you can schedule the event far enough in advance that fans can plan to watch a video. They can even mark that they’re interested in attending the premiere, which can help remind them to watch the video live or afterward.

This action can result in more views on your video, which can generate additional exposure.

9.       Promotes a range of content types

Another advantage of using Facebook Video Premieres is the ability to showcase a variety of content.

You can showcase new products or events taking place, for example. Businesses can also highlight upcoming events, like tradeshows or award ceremonies. You can even provide behind-the-scenes peeks into your business or latest product.

This platform offers so much flexibility, which helps it fit every company’s unique needs.

Use Facebook Video Premieres for product launches, events, and more

Keep in mind, however, that you need to create content that appeals to your target audience and followers. If your content isn’t something that interests your target market, then your video premier won’t have the success you want.

You also want to only premier content that deserves a live premiere. A product launch video, for example, would benefit from Facebook Premieres. A video that highlights your product uses, however, may do better as a regular video post.

Share something that lives up to the hype and expectations of your followers.

10.   Challenges YouTube and Twitch

YouTube and Twitch have had features similar to Facebook Video Premieres for years.

With the launch of Facebook Premiers, Facebook can now compete with these networks. The addition of Facebook Video Premiers may encourage influencers active on YouTube, for example, to post some exclusive content on Facebook.

Facebook Premiers offers monetization tools as well, which capitalizes on advertising options available through YouTube and Twitch. If you have followers on YouTube or Twitch, Facebook Video Premieres is an excellent addition to your digital marketing strategy.

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