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Learning Python for Healthcare – Is Python HIPAA Compliant?

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer Python coding language is prominent among developers. It’s mainly used for the creation of applications. The language is easy to learn, and that’s why most developers prefer it. In fact, some giant applications such as Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify are written in Python language. But when it […]

Shopify vs. Wix: Which Platform Should You Use to Build Your Ecommerce Site?

Here’s a great article from Blog – WebFX In this video, Alicia from the WebFX social media team discusses the social media marketing basics that are sure to set you apart from your competition.  Transcript:  Find us on LinkedIn.  Follow us on Instagram. Gaining new subscribers is just one of the tasks you’ll focus on […]

PHP Uses – Applications of PHP

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer PHP is known as Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open-source, server-side scripting language embedded in HTML used to manage databases, development of web applications, session tracking, build e-commerce sites, etc. It is kind of a programming language that is used for writing automated tasks. Many databases such as […]

SwiftUI by Tutorials [SUBSCRIBER]

Here’s a great article from Ray Wenderlich | High quality programming tutorials: iOS, Android, Swift, Kotlin, Unity, and more <h2>Build fluid and engaging declarative UI for your apps — using less code — with SwiftUI!</h2> <p>SwiftUI by Tutorials is designed to help you learn how to transition from the “old way” of building your app […]