SwiftUI Essentials

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SwiftUI is a revolutionary Apple framework for creating UI across multiple platforms. It represents many advantages over the traditional UIKit framework, but can represent a challenge for developers experienced with UIKit-based apps. The Kodeco SwiftUI Essentials program provides a comprehensive learning experience designed to introduce developers with UIKit experience to SwiftUI.<br>Starting with the basics of UI, you’ll learn how to construct iOS apps using the new paradigm, enabling you to compare and contrast with your current UIKit-based approach. You’ll see how to connect different views together through hierarchical and tab-based navigation, with a deep focus on data flow through your app. You’ll also see how to integrate state-of-the-art concurrency and data persistence into your app, before focusing on performance optimization of SwiftUI apps.<br>&nbsp;This program gives you the skillset you need to progress from being a UIKit developer to one fully versed in the latest SwiftUI technologies.

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