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Address Validation in Android App Development – A Comprehensive Guide

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer Android dominates mobile devices with a 70.77% market share worldwide. This dominance is aided by its accessibility compared to Apple iOS. Given this massive market share, producing error-free applications is the most important. This is particularly true when it comes to integrating address verification. Precise location identification […]

7 Best AI Interview Tools 2024

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer In a fast-paced and competitive job marketplace, an interview needs not only good industry knowledge but also a very high level of confidence and adaptability. Luckily, technology provides some of the most innovative solutions that will help the candidates to prepare efficiently for their important day. AI-powered […]

Steve Wozniak Biography

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer Steve Wozniak, better known as Woz, is a pioneering figure in the tech industry. With Steve Jobs, he co-founded Apple Inc. in 1976 and is a significant contributor to the revolution of personal computers. Woz is remembered for his unique design of Apple I and II, machines […]

Impact of Custom Medical Software on Healthcare

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer The healthcare industry has seen rapid technological advancements in recent years, especially when developing innovative custom medical software solutions. Custom healthcare software caters to the unique needs and workflows of a medical practice, hospital, laboratory, or other healthcare organization. Investing in tailored clinical, administrative, and analytics solutions […]

5 Tips for Software Developers to Excel in Their Careers

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer Software development is central to the technological transformation experienced in every industry. It leads to the creation of problem-solving tools and systems that make businesses and individuals perform tasks better. As a software developer, be competitive and stay ahead of the pack. Keep sharpening your skills while […]

How to Prepare for Data Scientist Interview in 2023?

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer One of the fastest-growing domains in the recent years is data science. For those who don’t know, data science revolves around different subjects that ultimately lead to one goal. Subjects include math, statistics, specialized programming, advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI. Working with these subjects, a data […]

5 Applications of Blockchain Technology in Programming

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer Stuart Haber? Scott Stornetta? Ring any bells? How about Stefan Konst? Not really? Well, then you probably know Satoshi Nakamoto, and by ‘know,’ I mean heard of, because, of course, he/she/it’s faceless. But blockchain technology, whose re-emergence from the cold pings back to his 2008 white paper, […]

10 Key Principles Behind Exceptional Web and Mobile App Designs

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer First impressions hold immense significance, and this is true not only for physical encounters but also for digital products. It’s this very notion that has propelled the advancement of user interfaces within web and mobile apps. Gradually and persistently, contemporary mobile and web design have dared to […]