How to Replace Redux with React Hooks and the Context API

Here’s a great article from SitePoint The most popular way to handle shared application state in React is using a framework such as Redux. Quite recently, the React team introduced several new features which include React Hooks and the Context API. These two features effectively eliminated a lot of challenges that developers of large React […]

It’s Human Transformation, Not Digital Transformation

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer When asked about the defining process of the last decade, a lot of people would be tempted to answer with digital transformation. It’s understandable. The rise of mobile devices, cloud-based services, data science, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies has had a massive impact on practically all […]

5 Projects to Help You Master Modern CSS

Here’s a great article from SitePoint Many claim CSS is not a programming language. I agree — it’s tougher. A mastery of CSS requires skills in design, determination, inventiveness, experience, as well as coding (especially when using preprocessors such as Sass). CSS suggests layouts and styles to the browser. A browser can interpret those suggestions […]

Why Do You Need to Listen to Your Developer When Choosing Web Hosting?

Here’s a great article from The Crazy Programmer A web developer is a person who’s responsible for a visual appeal of a website and performs tasks related to the website’s layout, development of web applications, and integration of graphics. A web developer is also a person who writes programs that are important for the design […]

Is My Website ADA Compliant? How to Check (and Update) Your Site

Here’s a great article from WebFX Blog What do Amazon, Hershey’s, and The Wall Street Journal have in common? They’ve all gotten named in lawsuits related to website accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They aren’t alone, either. In 2018, more than 2000 website accessibility lawsuits (a 177% increase from 2017) got filed, […]